Midlothian VA Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons in Midlothian VA


Bach to Rock in Midlothian, VA is enrolling piano students of all ages and skill levels. The piano is a springboard for the study of all other instruments. On the piano, students learn to read notes simultaneously in two different clefs (treble and bass) while developing their sense of polyphony (hearing more than one sound at the same time). The ...

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Practice Contest Winners


The other winners from our Kids n Keys Class are all relatively new to B2R.  They have started out strong.  Their practice time is definitely reflected in their play and progress.  The first two winners are Caspien and Caleb C. (who are brothers).  Caspien is 6 and Caleb is 7.  They are taught by Jasmine on Sunday afternoons.  Caspien practiced ...

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Learn to Sing Midlothian VA

Learn to Sing in Midlothian VA


The voice teachers at Bach to Rock in Midlothian, VA teach students from all over Midlothian, Richmond, Bon Air & Tuckahoe to sing their favorite songs! Vocal students at B2R can choose their own songs, putting them in the driver's seat of their musical development and learn essential skills such as voice projection, the creation of a clear vocal tone ...

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Bach to Rock Music School Opens in Chesterfield County, More Planned

Tammie Smith | Richmond Times-Dispatch

Gary S. Mizhir started playing guitar at age 6, switched to drums at age 7, and has played since.

“Basically, my entire life has revolved around music. I’ve been in a number of bands throughout my life,” said Mizhir, 36.

That love for music is one of the reasons he and two friends, Dave Albaugh and Chris Wood, have ...

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